Jaybe Galang

Jaybe Galang staff picture


  • NFPT-Certified Personal Trainer
  • Standard First Aid-CPR/C

Personal biography

  • Jaybe is a NFPT-Certified personal Trainer.
  • Jaybe loved sports and exercise. He played and tried out for every sports team in high school, but he enjoys playing basketball the most. After graduating high school and no outlet for physical activity he gained more than 30lbs reaching a weight of 210lbs. Finally he turned to the gym, started weightlifting and as time went by fell in love with the fitness world and the lifestyle.
  • He became a personal trainer because he wants to help people incorporate a healthy lifestyle and to make sure you stay in your fitness lifestyle like he does.
  • He aims to get you to be the best self you can be.
  • No matter your health/fitness goals ask for Jaybe and schedule a FREE consultation today.

Contact info

Speak with the Fitness Club Manager to coordinate an appointment today. See front desk for details. Email: contact@pointfitnessclub.ca